Game of Thrones Pong: Trial By Combat!

Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Game Description:

Game of Thrones Pong Trial By Combat is a variation of your traditional game of Beer Pong.

Each player (2 teams of 2 players) chooses a champion to play as. Then each team to proceeds to throw pong balls into the solo cups filled with a tasty beverage of choice.

Every time a cup is made, the opposing team must remove and consume that cup. Each side of the table is loaded with 15 cups each!

Abilities from the chosen champion of each player can affect how many pong balls are thrown, how many cups are removed, and various other aspects of the game!

The victor is the team that removes all their opponent’s cups!


The assumption is made that you, as the reader, are familiar with many of the most common house rules of traditional beer pong such as “re-racking”, “explosions”, “fire”, “same cup”, etc.

Enjoy and please drink responsibly!


Jamie Lannister
Game of Thrones Beer Pong

The Duelist

Jamie can challenge a player to a duel which acts a shootout. Starting with Jamie, each player takes turns shooting. The first person to miss, loses the duel!

If Jamie loses or misses the first shot, he must finish the game with his off-hand.

If he wins the duel, he chooses 4 cups to remove from his opponents side

  •  Jamie may only challenge 1 player per turn and only once per game
  •  There must be at least 4 or more cups per side to challenge a player to a duel
  •  If Jamie loses a 2nd time he loses his passive ability (described below)

King Slayer

If Jamie’s opponent is down to a single cup and Jamie makes it, he gets one more opportunity to make the cup again and immediately end the game.

* This can only be used once per game

The Mountain

Game of Thrones, Beer Pong







One Shot

You have the ability to call an explosions. If you miss you must pull 3 cups from your side and consume them immediately!

Savagery (passive ability)

You may taunt your opponent within one foot’s distance of them and as long as you are not obstructing their shot!

The Hound


Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Power Swings

Every shot you make counts as 2 cups.

  • Opponent decides on the 2nd cup to pull
  • Does not apply if there is a single cups left

Afraid of Fire

The Hound cannot catch fire and can only shoot on “balls back” once per turn.


The Viper

Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Speed and Precision

The Viper may shoot twice per turn, but must call the cup or they do not count

Deadly Poison (passive ability)

Every time the Viper makes a shot, he chooses and opponent to shoot from one step back until they make a shot. This caps at 3 steps back.



Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Dodge and Counter

If three consecutive shots are missed from the opponents side, Bronn is on fire!

  • This ability does not apply when Bronn’s side has 3 cups or less

By Any Means Necessary (passive)

If a ball shot by Bronn goes in after ricocheting off of another cup, then the opponent removes 2 cups.

  • The opponent may choose which cup to pull aside from the one made.

Khal Drogo

Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Blinding Speed

Khal Drogo is allowed to shoot twice per turn.

  • The cup Khal Drogo makes is immediately pulled before any other shots are taken

No Armor

Every other cup an opponent makes, you must choose and additional cup to pull.


Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

Strong and Scrappy

Every time Brenne successfully defends, she gains an additional shot on her next turn!

  • This includes blowing/fingering a ball out of a cup before it touches liquid OR swatting away a ball after a it bounces off a cup.

Chivalry Is Not Dead

When Brienne asks a for a gentlemen’s (slightly adjusting the position of a cup) the opponent must obey.

Jon Snow

Game of Thrones, Beer Pong

King of the North

Jon has the ability to recruit an opponents cup by choosing to call the cup he makes. If he makes the cup he calls, then it is consumed by his opponent and added to his side of the table.

  • The recruited cup can be filled with some water or take some beer from another cup.

The Prince That Was Promised (passive)

Once per game, Jon Snow is given a second attempt (or one if you play no rebuttals) to rebuttal and stay in the game.

Loras Tyrell

Game of Thrones

Joust Champion

Whenever Loras makes a cup he lines it up along his side of the table. At 3 cups, Loras can joust! A joust allows Loras to walk halfway along the side of the table and take a shot.

  • Loras can choose when to joust after attaining 3 cups
  • If Loras hits the same cup, he immediately acquires 3 cups

The Flower Knight

At the start of his turn Loras may call for flower rack if there at least 7 cups.


Tormund Giantsbane

Game of Thrones

No Fear

Tormund can call Island as many times as he wants. If he makes an island cup, He gets double the rewards.

  • if you play Island fire he gets and additional fire shot
  • if you play Island 2 cups, he clears 4 cups

Wildling Tactics

Successfully bouncing into an opponents cup allows Tormund to choose the 2 cups he wants pulled and consumed by his opponents. (assuming you play 2 cups for a bounce) Additionally, Tormund gets to shoot again after.

Final Notes

I started you off with 10 of the stronger fighters in Game of Thrones, but as you know there are many more. Feel free to add your own champions!

Lastly, these champion rules were made with the idea that they can be worked into many of the common house rules, but like always, whoever’s house it is gets final judgement. Good luck on the battlefield!

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